Basic Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting

graph-amountWe pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients in difficult situations.  Many times, new clients have engaged us to fill the void of their company where accounting records and procedures were not implemented correctly.

We strive to go beyond the client’s expectation and use a hands-on approach with their business.  Our services go well beyond basic bookkeeping.  We demonstrate to our clients how proper accounting records and procedures can help increase both their top and bottom lines.  We are QuickBooks Certified Professionals.

Tax Preparation and Planning

An important part of our services pertain to tax. Why wait until April of the next year to know what your tax bill will be. Sometimes, new clients learn that they could have minimized their tax liability with proper planning. In closely-held companies, we coordinate all tax planning between the companies and their owners.

Budgeting and Forecasting

budgetStrategic  Planning sets the direction of a company.   But once this plan has been set in motion, how do you know which  direction you are traveling?  Unlike  most other CPA firms, we work with our clients in setting the strategy.  However, unlike other strategists, we  forecast and budget in order to signal whether we are achieving our goals and  objectives.  Budgeting and forecasting  are essential benchmarks to properly executing a strategy.

Business Analysis

Integrated with a strategy are the metrics.  This component monitors the strategy against budgets, forecasts, or industry metrics.  We provide the tools, technology, and know-how to clients which enable them to gauge their business’s health, and progress.  See the free business tools for examples of how we do this.


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